Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Blue


  • I have exchanged 5 ue megaboom

    from Best buy at dix30 on April 21, 2019

    I have exchanged 5 ue megaboom cause they all feel off my desk at school and i sont know why some of them break easily and some are so tuff the last one i bought i have it since almost a year and iv dropped sooo many times and now my new one doesn't break In conclusion some are built like tanks and some are really fragile

  • Product Won't Last!

    from Surrey, BC on June 17, 2018

    Product won't last. Poor support from Logitech. At just over the 2 year mark the unit completely broke. Battery stopped holding any sort of charge and the speakers blew. All within a 2 week period. What's more is that I, back when I first bought the produce, I emailed Logitech when about how to properly care for the battery back. I received what seemed to be an automated response to my question because their answer was unrelated. When Logitech sent me a followup email whether my question was answered, I said "no" then asked my question again. No response from Logitech.

  • Best boxing day purchase I ever made!!!

    from Winnipeg, MB on January 5, 2018

    I owned multiple bluetooth speakers JBL, Bose, Samsung to name a few. But definitely this is the best sounding out of all my previous purchases worth the price tag!!! my entire family enjoys listening to the amazing quality of music coming out of this great looking speaker. Bonus: fully water proofed!!! threw it in the tub it floats so its all good. Highly recommended

  • FABULOUS! My search is over.

    from Winnipeg, MB on November 14, 2016

    Worth the price. I've been through numerous different brands and types of blue tooth speakers. My search is over. This is the Number 1 blue tooth speaker of all time! Amazing sound. If you're looking for a loud party speaker this is the one! Also I am amazed that it floats :). Cheers!

  • Glad I bought this instead of a Bose mini

    from Edmonton, AB on September 27, 2016

    I was looking for a portable speaker and as everyone in the kitchen had Bose speakers I wanted to be different and buy something else and I am so glad I picked the UE Megaboom it is fantastic the sound is better than the Bose . I was so impressed that I bought a second Megaboom and have paired them up and I get Crazy Great Sound from them both and have people in camp questioning the quality of sound from there Bose speakers ...... I would recommend this product to anyone ..... just go buy one and see for yourself !!!! I give this speaker a 5 star rating.

  • Expensive, but worth it!

    from Toronto, Canada on August 22, 2016

    Great sound from a Pringles-sized package. The battery lasts forever. I had no trouble pairing the speaker with my iPhone and my Windows 10 PC. The (optional, no-cost) iPhone app was easy to use and great for adjusting the sound equalizer. Why only 4 stars then? The first one I purchased refused to charge the battery. Best Buy shipped me a replacement and I've been happy ever since.

  • Unexpected Surprise

    from Stittsville, ON on March 22, 2016

    As a retired person, I was urged by my 30something son to purchase this for my use as a drum teacher. I expected a lot of instructions, connecting to this and that with passwords and whatever and this doesn't work after all that....and I have to call him again..... Imagine my surprise when I got it all set up and it worked! I am delighted with its appearance, its sturdy case for my travels, and of course, the sound quality. I like the friendly little noises it makes. And, I really appreciate the automatic shut off. It is small enough to use at my desk and yet strong enough for a group to hear. And it is eye-catching. All in all I am delighted, absolutely with this product! Thank-you, son!

  • Impressive

    from Toronto, Ont on December 29, 2015

    I got this for Christmas so I haven't had that long. BUT when I put the megaboom up against my Bose sound link (which I also own) I must say I like the sound the megaboom puts out better. As for the actual volume I would say they are really close to each other. I just the like the megaboom better and won't be worried when I take it to the beach. The app pretty nice too.

  • Great speaker

    from Vancouver, BC on December 14, 2015

    Awesome sound. Water proof. Excellent battery. Very happy with this speaker.

  • Essential Beach Accessory!

    from Vancouver, BC on May 26, 2015

    Had the UE BOOM first and now upgraded to the MEGABOOM, I love the sound quality. Bought a 2nd one to test out the DOUBLE UP Feature, and that is amazing. My only issue is the battery life, states up to 20 hours of battery life. But ACTUAL BATTERY LIFE at Full Volume(at the Beach) and high frequency music, the battery only lasts maybe 4-5 hours. That's only half my day at the beach... I've adapted and have to bring with me a portable battery charger to recharge midway through.