BattDepot: Replacement Laptop Adapter for HP Pavilion DV2000/DV6000/DV8000. 19V 4.74A 90W Adapter

Model Number: Pavilion DV2000
Web Code: 11430988


Replacement Laptop/Notebook Adapter for HP G6000/G7000, NX8220, Pavilion DV2000/DV4000/DV6000/DV8000/DV9000, 324816-002, 325112-AA1, 608421-002, EH642AA, PA-1900-08R1, PPP012L. 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Fixed T-Tip). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order. This Adpater only for HP, Compaq, Gateway 19 Volt and 4.74A version.

  • More Information
  • Compatible with the following HP models: 6820s, G6000, G6010, G6030, G6040, G6050, G6060, G6090, G7000, G7010, G7020, G7030, G7040, G7050, G7060, G7070, G7080, G7090, NX8220, Pavilion DV2000, Pavilion DV4000, Pavilion DV6000, Pavilion DV8000, Pavilion DV9000, Pavilion dx6000, Pavilion EA351AV, Pavilion EM517AV, Pavilion EW434AV, Pavilion EW468AV, Pavilion EW635AV, Pavilion EW680AV, Pavilion EZ345AV, Pavilion EZ379AV, Pavilion EZ452UA, Pavilion EZ453UA, Pavilion EZ456UA, Pavilion EZ458UA, Pavilion EZ459UA, Pavilion EZ460UA, Pavilion EZ461UA, Pavilion EZ462UA, Pavilion EZ468UA, Pavilion EZ470UA, Pavilion EZ471UA, Pavilion EZ472UA, Pavilion EZ473UA, Pavilion EZ474UA, Pavilion EZ475UA, Pavilion EZ700UA, Pavilion EZ700UAR, Pavilion EZ703UA, Pavilion EZ704UA, Pavilion EZ704UAR, Pavilion EZ705UA, Pavilion EZ706UA, Pavilion EZ707UA, Pavilion EZ708UA, Pavilion EZ829AV, Pavilion FE702UA, Pavilion GA007UA, Pavilion GA074UA, Pavilion GA075UA, Pavilion GA078UA, Pavilion GA183UA, Pavilion GA184UA, Pavilion GA336UA, Pavilion GA338UA, Pavilion GA339UA, Pavilion GA340UA, Pavilion GA341UA, Pavilion GA354UA, Pavilion GA355UA, Pavilion GA356UA, Pavilion GA358UA, Pavilion GA359UA, Pavilion GA361UA, Pavilion GA404UA, Pavilion GA406UA, Pavilion GA410UA, Pavilion GA411UA, Pavilion GA966UA, Pavilion GL405UA, Pavilion GL880UA, Pavilion GL885UA, Pavilion GL886UL, Pavilion GL887UA, Pavilion GL888, Pavilion GL889UA, Pavilion GL890UA, Pavilion GL891UA, Pavilion GL892UA, Pavilion GL954UA, Pavilion GL956UA, Pavilion GL974UA, Pavilion GL979UA, Pavilion GL980UA, Pavilion GL981UA, Pavilion GM738AV, Pavilion GS718UA, Pavilion GS720UA, Pavilion GS721UA, Pavilion GS722UA, Pavilion GS724UA, Pavilion GS725UA, Pavilion GS726UA, Pavilion GS727UA, Pavilion GS735UA, Pavilion GS744UA, Pavilion GS745UA, Pavilion GS748UA, Pavilion GS752UA, Pavilion GS754UA, Pavilion GS755UA, Pavilion GS758UA, Pavilion GS760UA, Pavilion GS763UA, Pavilion GS776UA, Pavilion GS794UA, Pavilion GS804UA, Pavilion GS809UA, Pavilion GS810UA, Pavilion GS811UA, Pavilion GS814UA, Pavilion GS818UA, Pavilion GS821UA, Pavilion KB189UA, Pavilion KC321UA, Pavilion KC323UA, Pavilion KC328UA, Pavilion KC341UA, Pavilion KC343UA, Pavilion KC349UA, Pavilion KC350UA, Pavilion KC351UA, Pavilion KC352UA, Pavilion KC353UA, Pavilion KC356UA, Pavilion KC357UA, Pavilion KC359UA, Pavilion KC361UA, Pavilion KC411UA, Pavilion KC412UA, Pavilion KC413UA, Pavilion KC416UA, Pavilion KC417UA, Pavilion KC429UA, Pavilion KC432UA, Pavilion KC435UA, Pavilion KC437UA, Pavilion KC438UA, Pavilion KC439UA, Pavilion KC440UA, Pavilion KK185UA, Pavilion KK187UA, Pavilion KN826UA, Pavilion KN830UA, Pavilion KN840UA, Pavilion KN872UA, Pavilion KN895UA, Pavilion KN897UA, Pavilion KN900UA, Pavilion KN901UA, Pavilion KN904UA, Pavilion KN906UA, Pavilion KN907UA, Pavilion KN928UA, Pavilion KN929UA, Pavilion KN931UA, Pavilion KN937UA, Pavilion KN938UA, Pavilion KN939UA, Pavilion KN940UA, Pavilion KN943UA, Pavilion KN947UA, Pavilion KP035UA, Pavilion KP037UA, Pavilion KP044UA, Pavilion KP046UA, Pavilion KP210UA, Pavilion KW828UA, Pavilion PK209UA, Pavilion RD167AV, Pavilion RG335UA, Pavilion RG339UA, Pavilion RG340UA, Pavilion RG343UA, Pavilion RG346UA, Pavilion RG355UA, Pavilion RG360UA, Pavilion RG362UA, Pavilion RG365UA, Pavilion RG369UA, Pavilion RG370UA, Pavilion RG372UA, Pavilion RG475UA, Pavilion RL015AV, Pavilion RP112UA, Pavilion RP243UA, Pavilion RP245UA, Pavilion RP246UA, Pavilion RP247UA, Pavilion RP248UA, Pavilion RP249UA, Pavilion RP250UA, Pavilion RP282UA, Pavilion RP284UA, Pavilion RU668UA, Pavilion RU689UA, Pavilion RU690UA, Pavilion RU971UA, Pavilion RU972UA, Pavilion RU974UA, Pavilion RU975UA, Pavilion RV112UA, Pavilion RV116UA, Pavilion RV118UA, Pavilion RV119UA, Pavilion RV121UA, Pavilion RV182UA, Pavilion RX950AV

    Compatible with the following part numbers: 102576, 102577, 106827, 0220A18206, 0220A1890, 239428-001, 239428-002, 239705-001, 283884-001, 286755-001, 287515-001, 293428-001, 293705-001, 310744-001, 310744-002, 324816-002, 324816-003, 325112-011, 325112-021, 325112-031, 325112-061, 325112-081, 325112-111, 325112-201, 325112-291, 325112-AA1, 325112-AD1, 325112-BB1, 371790-291, 371790-AR1, 374791-001, 393954-001, 393955-001, 394224-001, 432309-001, 432310-001, 453199-001, 608421-002, DC895A, DC895A#ABA, DC895B, EH642AA, EH642AA#ABA, PA-1900-05C1, PA-1900-08R1, PA-1900-18R1, PPP012L, PPP012L-S, PPP014H, SLS0220A18206, SLS0220A1890

  • Details & Specs
  • Type
    AC Adapter, Charger, Power Cord, Power Supply
    6820s; G6000; G6010; G6030; G6040; G6050; G6060; G6090; G7000; G7010; G7020; G7030; G7040; G7050; G7060; G7070; G7080; G7090; NX8220; Pavilion DV2000; Pavilion DV4000; Pavilion DV6000; Pavilion DV8000; Pavilion DV9000; Pavilion dx6000; Pavilion EA351AV; Pavilion EM517AV; Pavilion EW434AV; Pavilion EW468AV; Pavilion EW635AV; Pavilion EW680AV; Pavilion EZ345AV; Pavilion EZ379AV; Pavilion EZ452UA; Pavilion EZ453UA; Pavilion EZ456UA; Pavilion EZ458UA; Pavilion EZ459UA; Pavilion EZ460UA; Pavilion EZ4
    Specific Device Compatibility
    Pavilion DV2000
    Designed For Laptops
    Other Features
    Input AC100-240V / 50-60Hz; Output 19V 4.74A 90W

  • What's Included
    • Adapter, Cable

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