BattDepot: Replacement Laptop Adapter for Acer ADP-40TH A. 19V 2.10A 40W Laptop Adapter

Model Number: Acer ADP-40TH A
Web Code: 11307388


Replacement Laptop/Notebook Adapter for Acer Aspire 1410/1810T, Aspire E3-111/E5-531, Aspire One 521/722/A150/D250, Aspire V3-111P/V5-171, TravelMate 8172/B113/P246, ADP-30JH, ADP-30LH, ADP-40TH A, AP.03001.001, LC.ADT00.005, PA-1300-04. 19V 2.10A 40W Laptop Adapter (Fixed U-Tip). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.

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  • Compatible with the following Acer models: AC700-1090, AC700-1099, AC700-1529, Aspire 1410, Aspire 1410T, Aspire 1420P, Aspire 1810T, Aspire 1810TZ, Aspire 1820PT, Aspire 1820PTZ, Aspire E3-111, Aspire E3-112, Aspire E5-411, Aspire E5-471, Aspire E5-471P, Aspire E5-511, Aspire E5-511G, Aspire E5-511P, Aspire E5-521, Aspire E5-521G, Aspire E5-531, Aspire E5-531G, Aspire E5-531P, Aspire E5-571P, Aspire ES1-111, Aspire ES1-511, Aspire ES1-512, Aspire ES1-711, Aspire ES1-711G, Aspire KAV60, Aspire One 521, Aspire One 522, Aspire One 531, Aspire One 531h, Aspire One 532, Aspire One 532g, Aspire One 532h, Aspire One 533, Aspire One 571, Aspire One 722, Aspire One 725, Aspire One 751, Aspire One 751h, Aspire One 752, Aspire One 752H, Aspire One 756, Aspire One A110, Aspire One A110L, Aspire One A110X, Aspire One A150, Aspire One A150L, Aspire One A150X, Aspire One D150, Aspire One D250, Aspire One D255, Aspire One D255e, Aspire One D257, Aspire One D257E, Aspire One D260, Aspire One D260E, Aspire One D270, Aspire One D271, Aspire One Happy, Aspire One Happy 2, Aspire One HAPPY2, Aspire One KAV10, Aspire One KAV60, Aspire One NAV50, Aspire One NAV60, Aspire One NAV70, Aspire One P0VE6, Aspire One P1VE6, Aspire One P531h, Aspire One PAV01, Aspire One PAV70, Aspire One Pro 531f, Aspire One Pro 531h, Aspire One SP1, Aspire One ZA3, Aspire One ZA8, Aspire One ZE6, Aspire One ZG5, Aspire One ZG8, Aspire One ZH9, Aspire S3-392, Aspire Timeline 1810, Aspire Timeline AS1410, Aspire V3-111P, Aspire V3-112P, Aspire V3-472P, Aspire V5-121, Aspire V5-122P, Aspire V5-123, Aspire V5-131, Aspire V5-132, Aspire V5-132P, Aspire V5-171, Aspire V5-452G, Aspire V5-452PG, Aspire V5-472, Aspire V5-472G, Aspire V5-472P, Aspire V5-472PG, Aspire V5-473, Aspire V5-473G, Aspire V5-473P, Aspire V5-473PG, Aspire V5-552, Aspire V5-552G, Aspire V5-552PG, Chromebook AC700, Chromebook C710, Extensa 2509, Extensa 2510, Extensa 2510G, Extensa EX2509, Extensa EX2510, ICONIA TAB W500, ICONIA TAB W500P, NX.MKBAA.014, NX.ML8AA.007, NX.MLDAA.005, NX.MLFAA.021, NX.MLTAA.018, NX.MLVAA.001, NX.MLVAA.002, NX.MM4AA.001, NX.MMLAA.001, NX.MMSAA.012, NX.MMVAA.002, NX.MMXAA.001, NX.MMZAA.005, NX.MN2AA.002, NX.MNDAA.008, NX.MNTAA.001, NX.MNZAA.011, NX.MP4AA.001, NX.MPSAA.002, NX.MPZAA.001, NX.MQVAA.001, NX.MRKAA.003, NX.MRLAA.002, NX.MRQAA.007, NX.MRSAA.003, NX.MRWAA.001, NX.MS2AA.001, NX.MS8AA.001, NX.MSNAA.001, TMB113-E-2839, TMB113-E-4470, TMB113-M-6460, TMB113-M-6606, TMB113-M-6681, TravelMate 8172, TravelMate 8172T, TravelMate 8172Z, TravelMate B113, TravelMate B113-E, TravelMate B113-M, TravelMate P246, TravelMate P256, TravelMate TimelineX 8172, TravelMate TM8172, TravelMate TM8172T, TravelMate TM8172Z, TravelMate TMB113, TravelMate TMB115, TravelMate TMP245, TravelMate TMP246, TravelMate TMP255, TravelMate TMP256, TravelMate TMP276Z460

    Compatible with the following part numbers: 092566-11, ADP-30JH, ADP-30JH B, ADP-30JH BA, ADP-30JH BA LF, ADP-30LH, ADP-30LH B, ADP-40TH A, AK.040AP.024, AP.03001.001, AP.03003.001, AP.0300A.001, AP.04001.002, AP03003001832F, LC.ADT00.005, LC.ADT00.059, LC.ADT00.06, PA-1300-04, PA-1300-04AC, PA-1300-04AC LF, PA-1300-04AF, WA-30A19U

  • Details & Specs
  • Type
    AC Adapter, Charger, Power Cord, Power Supply
    Acer AC700-1090; Acer AC700-1099; Acer AC700-1529; Acer Aspire 1410; Acer Aspire 1410T; Acer Aspire 1420P; Acer Aspire 1810T; Acer Aspire 1810TZ; Acer Aspire 1820PT; Acer Aspire 1820PTZ; Acer Aspire E3-111; Acer Aspire E3-112; Acer Aspire E5-411; Acer Aspire E5-471; Acer Aspire E5-471P; Acer Aspire E5-511; Acer Aspire E5-511G; Acer Aspire E5-511P; Acer Aspire E5-521; Acer Aspire E5-521G; Acer Aspire E5-531; Acer Aspire E5-531G; Acer Aspire E5-531P; Acer Aspire E5-571P; Acer Aspire ES1-111; Acer
    Specific Device Compatibility
    Acer Aspire One D270
    Designed For Laptops
    Other Features
    Input AC100-240V / 50-60Hz; Output 19V 2.10A 40W

  • What's Included
    • Adapter, Cable

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