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Floors So Clean They’ll Sparkle

Life gets messy, and when you have spills, dust, and animal hair on your floors, your vacuum cleaner makes clean up quick and easy.

Today’s vacuum cleaners offer many different options for cleaning your home, and the model and brand you choose depends on factors like whether you have allergies, if you like to clean on a schedule, or if you want a vacuum cleaner to help you reach into the rafters and clean there too.

Canister vacuum cleaners

You may have grown up dragging a canister vacuum cleaner around the house, but don’t mistake today’s canister vacuums for the models from years ago. From brands like Samsung, Miele, and Dyson, canister or cylinder vacuums have a motor and bag in a unit that’s separate from the flexible hose, and they’re easy to pull because they’re lightweight. You can cruise around the corners or lift to clean your furniture easily.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are among the most popular vacuum cleaners for a few reasons. Upright vacuum cleaners from brands like Dyson, Hoover, Samsung, and Bissell are powerful machines, have strong suction, and clean your floors to quickly remove all traces of animal hair, dust, and debris.

Some models of upright vacuum also include HEPA filters to keep dander and dust from filtering back into the air.

Stick vacuum cleaners

A stick vacuum cleaner is the ultimate home cleaning tool. With a small motor compartment and a long stick handle, you can spot clean even the tiniest spaces in your home. Some brands like Dyson also offer a cord-free stick vacuum you can take everywhere.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuums are the perfect vacuum cleaner if you want a quick clean but don’t have time to vacuum every day. Robot vacuum cleaners from brands like iRobot, Dyson, Neato Robotics cruise along your floor on their own, picking up everything in its path.

You can even schedule your robot vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning so your floors are always sparkling when you walk in.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Cleaning your car or hard-to-reach stairs is easy when you have a handheld vacuum cleaner. Lightweight and portable, they get into the small areas you’d like to clean. Choose from models like Dyson and Dirt Devil for powerful suction and battery power that lasts until the job is done.

Ready to choose a new vacuum cleaner? You can find out more about vacuum cleaners on Best Buy’s blog.

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