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Xbox One X 1TB Console - Black

Model Number: CYV-00001
Web Code: 11558330

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With 6 teraflops of power and support for true 4K gaming, the Xbox One X delivers buttery smooth, razor sharp, and totally immersive gaming experiences. It works with your existing Xbox One games, taps into the online features of Xbox Live, and is compatible with 4K Blu-rays, 4K streaming, and HDR content.

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  • Premium gaming power

    Say hello to the world's most powerful console. With a 6-Teraflop GPU, 2.3GHz 8-core processor, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and 326GB/s of memory bandwidth, the Xbox One X out-muscles any other gaming console. Add it all up and you'll experience buttery smooth gameplay, immense draw distances, lightning-fast load times, and the ability to play 4K-enabled exclusive games in mesmerizing 4K Ultra HD. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which produces an on-screen colour range that’s as close as possible to what the human eye actually sees.

    A world of games

    The Xbox One X may be the world's most powerful console, but that doesn't mean you'll be short of games to play. The Xbox One X can play all of your Xbox One game discs and digitally downloaded Xbox One games, including digital Xbox 360 classics. On top of that, you can take advantage of True 4K Xbox One games that have been designed to maximize the power of the Xbox One X. And with a subscription to Xbox Live, you can experience advanced online multiplayer options, and stream or download content from the Xbox Store.

    The future of home entertainment

    4K ready and HDR ready, the slim and sleek Xbox One X console is tailor-made to become the future-proofed brains of your home entertainment setup. Plug it in, hook it up to your 4K TV, and voila -- you'll be able to play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and stream 4K video from services such as Netflix, enjoying 4 times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. If your TV is HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible, you'll be able to enjoy the rapidly growing library of HDR-enabled content as well. With HDR technology, you'll get deeper darks and brighter whites on screen at the same time, resulting in stunningly natural and lifelike imagery.

    More storage, multitasking, and connectivity

    A 1TB hard drive gives you more room to save and download games, movies, apps, and more. Get online via Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi to access instant content from sources like Netflix or YouTube. Want to do two things at once? Go for it. You can snap a game, live TV, movie, or app to view them side-by-side or quickly switch back and forth.

    Bluetooth controller

    The Xbox One X comes packaged with a completely refined and streamlined Xbox Wireless Controller, which now offers twice the wireless range of its predecessor. Sporting a sleeker design and a textured grip finish on the backside, the controller is more comfortable to hold than ever before. It also features integrated Bluetooth, which allows you to pair the controller with Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones.

    Exclusive games

    Xbox One X is the only platform where you'll be able to experience exclusive True 4K titles like Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and Super Lucky's Tale. Xbox is also home to exclusive franchises like Halo, Gears of War, and Sunset Overdrive. With more exclusive games in development to tap the capabilities of the new-gen console, you're sure to discover new favourites and enjoy classic franchises revived on Xbox One.

  • Details & Specs
  • Compatible Games
    Xbox One
    Compatible Controller Ports
    Xbox One
    Included Controllers
    Controller Type
    Video Output
    HDMI 2.0b
    Audio Output
    DTS 5.1; Dolby Digital 5.1 True HD with Atmos
    24 cm
    6 cm
    30 cm
    3.81 kg

  • Reviews
  • 4.8
    Based on 2012 ratings

    • Really?

      from Vaudreuil, QC on October 17, 2018

      How is this always out of stock online and in store? Get your sh*t together Best Buy


      from Woodbridge, ON on October 11, 2018


    • Fantastic console for the money

      from Toronto, ON on September 7, 2018

      This is a great console for the money. The performance upgrade and graphical upgrade from the xbox one S is definitely worth it. I own both the PS4 Pro and The Xbox one X and love both consoles for different reasons. Ignore those who trash one over the other. Xbox one X Pros - Best looking graphics of any console, speed, Xbox live, best for cross platform games. Cons - lack of top tier exclusives. internal storage not upgradeable. Most expensive console. PS4 Pro Pros - Amazing exclusive games, excellent graphics, internal storage can be easily upgraded to a larger hard drive or SSD. Cons - Not as powerful as Xbox One X. Things to consider: If you can afford to buy both just do it and you wont regret it. If you have to pick just one then you may be better off buying the PS4 Pro only because the performance is still good for cross platform games and you get access to the Top Tier exclusives as well as upgradeability for the internal hard drive. Now if you currently own a One S with a large library of games and are looking to upgrade, then that changes things and your probably better off buying the One X. Like I said I like I said earlier I like both machines for different reasons. They're both excellent and those know need to trash one over the other.

    • PS4 PRO OR X1X?

      from Mississauga on August 17, 2018

      This new console is very nice, it has more power than my PS PRO. I just want to know when we can expect some actual games to play on it!? PS HAS THE GAMES ... THIS NEW XBOX SITS UNDER MY TV LIKE A BRICK. Whats the point of power without the games?

    • Fantastic upgrade

      from Grimsby, ON on July 5, 2018

      I just upgraded from the older Xbox One S... There is a noticeable increase in visuals and also how well the game runs. Even without a 4K TV, it's still a big upgrade. Loading times are vastly improved as well. This console is a BEAST. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    • Truly the best console on the market.

      from Stoney Creek, ON on June 25, 2018

      After reading reviews online from other low star reviewers I realized 1 of 2 things, first being most of them cried about things that were not even relevant to the Xbox itself such as their internet being terribly slow, second the rest were Sony fanboys that were butthurt the Xbox one X was superior to the toasters they're currently playing on. There was a guy that complained his game still played at 30FPS... well yeah Dilbert that's cause the game wasn't enhanced yet for the Xbox One X, they're specific games that are going to be optimized for this console and that crap game you were playing was not. Another dummy wrote his games were downloading to slow cause the updates are too big.... really? How stupid are these people that write these reviews? Maybe if you could afford something better than dial-up internet you could download things faster. The list of unintelligent buyers or internet tolls is significant these days. Ender return, the Xbox one X is leaps ahead in the console war and this is a must-have console, clearly, the 99% of 5-star reviews can clearly tell you that.

    • Quality and power

      from Vaughan,ON on June 6, 2018

      I can't get over how powerful and nice this machine is. It's so tiny too! Weighs a ton and is very dense but is whisper quiet and takes up little space. Everything looks better on this machine, not just the games - Netflix, Blu-Ray, you name it. Even on a 1080p TV, games are remarkably nicer. A must buy if you can afford it.

    • Simply Awesome!

      from Niagara Falls, ON on May 31, 2018

      Best console I have ever owned, hands down! PS4 pro now collects dust.

    • Love it

      from Sherwood Park, AB on April 11, 2018

      Bought one not knowing much about consoles coming from PC gaming. Got a 65" Sony 4k to go with it. Games look beautiful on it, and most new games are 4K HDR, and older games are getting patches for it. Also works great as a media device since you can also hook your TV box into it. And to the previous person complaining about how patches take forever to download, that purely comes down to your internet. I DLed Forza 7 (~96GB) within a few hours.

    • Beautiful! Love It!

      from Winnipeg, MB on April 7, 2018

      This machines a Beast! You wanna be at the top of the game? Buy it!

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