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Thinkware F200DG 1080p Dashcam & 720p Rear Camera with Wi-Fi & GPS

Model Number: F200DG
Web Code: 12514235


Sold and shipped by Best Buy


Safely equip your vehicle front to back using the Thinkware F200DG dashcam. It securely records wide-angle Full HD footage with 1080p at 30fps in the front and HD footage with 720p at 30 fps in the rear. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you view your video, and a GPS antenna enables speed and red-light camera alerts and embeds data onto your recordings.

  • More Information
    • Records 140-degree distortion-free, wide-view angle in Full HD with 1080p WDR at 30 fps for high-quality, true-colour video
    • Rear-view camera offers additional coverage in HD with 720p at 30 fps
    • Built-in Wi-Fi paired with Mobile Viewer app lets you download and view recordings, as well as adjust device settings, from your iOS or Android-compatible device or tablet
    • Compact design features Integrated Thermal Protection, along with Super Capacitor technology, protecting the unit from extreme temperatures
    • Designed with Anti-File Corruption and Format-Free technology to ensure the integrity of your stored data, plus there's no need to periodically reformat the microSD card
    • Parking Surveillance mode-ready so you can detect impact and motion when it is installed with a hardwiring cable accessory (sold separately - professional installation recommended)
    • Includes an external GPS antenna enables speed and red-light camera alerts and embeds video recordings with information such as speed, time, and location
    • Energy-Saving mode puts the dash cam to sleep while in parking mode, conserving battery life and will reengage if an impact is detected and instantly begins recording and saving footage

  • Details & Specs
  • Features

    Motion Sensors
    Rear Facing Camera
    Operating Temperature
    -10 - 60°C
    Intergrated Microphone
    Built-in Speaker

    Connectivity & Media

    Maximum Compatible Memory Size
    128 GB
    Internal Memory
    Not Applicable
    Wi-Fi Connectivity
    USB Ports
    Not Applicable
    HDMI Inputs
    Number of Cameras Included
    Auto On/Off
    Viewing Angle
    Night Vision
    Voice Guidance
    Video Resolution
    1920 x 1080
    Frames Per Second
    30 fps
    Video Format(s)
    1920 x 1080
    Audio Recording
    Auto Save For Incidents
    Loop Recording
    Front Collision Warning
    Lane Departure Warning
    Parking Surveillance Mode
    Other Driver Alerts
    Speed and Red Light Camera Alert
    Other Safety Features
    Thermal Sensor; Built-in Voltage meter; Super Capacitor; Anti-File Corruption


    Power Source Requirements
    Hard Wiring Kit
    Red Light Camera Detection
    Battery Type(s)
    Not Applicable

    Physical Features

    9.85 cm
    3.4 cm
    2.2 cm
    Width (Inches)
    3.88 in
    Height (Inches)
    1.34 in
    Depth (Inches)
    0.87 in
    55 g

  • Reviews
  • 3.3
    Based on 7 ratings

    • Average product

      from Toronto, ON on December 27, 2018

      Go for it. Got it on boxing day. Installed myself. Working good. Picture clarity average.

    • Can not take temperature extremes

      from Calgary, AB on November 28, 2018

      Upon reading the manual, one of the first things I found is that it is not suitable for Canadian winters, or hot weather for that matter unless you are willing to take it out when you leave your car , then put it back when you get in again. It states clearly , use between temps of 14 F and 140 F ( -10 C to 60 C,) and to store between -4 and 158 degrees F. ( -20 C to 70 C ) or permanent damage could result. It has 3 small plugins to connect and disconnect to remove and reinstall the unit onto the sliding mount. It went right back in the box to be returned asap. If I cant install and forget, It is no good to me.

    • The dash cam combo is excellent.

      from Toronto, ON on November 26, 2018

      I installed it today and it works flawlessly. Agreed, it wont record if you view in your phone simultaneously, but rarely you will need to view footage on phone except while setup. Rest, all the footage can be accessed later. WiFi connectivity is really helpful, you dont need anything else to install this thing, just your iphone and any plastic fork. Superb product. Will recomend it.

    • Perfect

      from kelowna, BC on July 23, 2018

      This is a great little camera and very easy to use, only complaint is there are only two buttons..

    • Rear Camera doesn't record

      from Burlington, ON on July 14, 2018

      It can't be that difficult. Set up the cameras, no issues except the rear camera doesn't record a file. Not sure what I could have done incorrect being a technical person. Also, Live Viewer on my cell doesn't seem to work on my newer LG V30. Also be aware, no way to see the image during recording. You can see the recorded image after the fact, no live feed. I just purchased this device when it was on sale, but might cut my loses and return it. Front images are good, hence the 2 rating, not a 1 based on useability.

    • Poor Form Factor Design and unstable firmware 1.01

      from Calgary, AB on July 13, 2018

      Just installed this dash cam less than a day I got it, and planning to refund it. While it works as it advertised, it is the things that not mentioned that hammer the experience, so you really need to try it out. Pro: Dual camera, allowing your capture videos from the front and back. The firmware is updated, is easy using the Mobile Viewer desktop program which automatically updates the firmware once it is downloaded to the SD card and inserts into the dashcam Cons: - Recording is disabled when you use the Live View on your cell phone. - No internal GPS, you would need to organize three cables - Camera lenses are positioned on the left of the unit, meaning you need to mount the unit more to the driver side, plus all the cables are plugin on the unit right hand side (driver side), which obstructs your view even more. - While I am not a big fan of the suction cup, it uses 3M double side tap. The mount does not come with horizontal adjustment. You really get one chance to install it right or else it would be hard to reposition the view angle afterward. - Video distortion is a bit high (barrel effect) - no internal battery, meaning once your car is turned off, you can't access to the camera anymore. Or if you want to see the video, you need to turn on your car or leave it running. - no video compression, and no video streaming. You need to wait for the video to be downloaded to your phone in order to view it. it is like 81MB per minute, it will take awhile for the video to be downloaded. - Slow initialization, it takes about 20 sec before you can turn on the wifi, and Finally, after the firmware 1.01 installation, it is no longer detects the rear camera. Maybe there will be a fix in the later version.

    • Convenient !

      from Surrey, BC on June 26, 2018

      After doing some research i finally bought my first dash cam, this camera is amazing. And this bundle came with everything i ever needed to have a professional dash cam set up ! It shoots amazing videos and captures both the front and rear and has already saved me from a brake checking accident and because of the video i was not found at fault. BEST BUNDLE EVER! will be recommending this to everyone i know as i am one happy customer.

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