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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home (Remote Control & Smart Hub) - Black

Model Number: 915-000237
Web Code: 10320960


Sold and shipped by Best Buy


Customize every connected device in your home with Logitech's Harmony Home Control. Integrating lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, sensors, entertainment devices, and more for control from an intuitive touchscreen remote or handy mobile app, you can streamline everything you do at home to one simple and easy-to-use hub.

  • More Information
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home; control your entire home entertainment experience without lifting a finger
    • When used with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can turn on and control your smart home devices using just your voice
    • Works with a range of over 270,000 home entertainment and home automation devices from more than 6,000 brands including lights, locks and game consoles
    • Control devices from your iOS or Android mobile device or from an intuitive Harmony remote with a bright, colour touchscreen
    • Included Harmony Home Hub sends commands from the remote or app to your devices using IR, WiFi, or Bluetooth
    • Harmony remote vibrates when it receives a command, so you can keep your eyes focused on your entertainment
    • Motion-activated backlit buttons light up when you tilt your remote, making navigation possible even in the dark
    • Dedicated media control buttons make controlling home entertainment easy, and a convenient charging station keeps the battery at full power
    • Start multi-device activities with just one touch, adjusting volume, changing channels, and controlling movies and shows with on-screen gestures
    • Jump directly to your favorite shows with 50 customizable channel favourites

  • Details & Specs
  • Type
    Universal Remote Control
    Works with Google Assistant
    Works with Amazon Alexa


    6 cm
    19 cm
    3.1 cm

  • Reviews
  • 4.4
    Based on 663 ratings

    • Awkward to use with the touch screen

      from Richmond, BC on December 27, 2018

      I have a Harmony Companion remote that doesn't have the touch screen. Comparing the two, this unit looks nice and fancy with the touch screen. But I found it is more practical and more convenient to use the lower end Harmony Companion remote than this higher end unit. When using the touch screen, the tactile feedback from the vibration is far inferior than pressing real buttons. Sometimes when one needs to drag the menu on the touch screen to reach other parts of the menu, one will unintentionally trigger the menu option that is currently on the screen. Also you pretty much need to enable the screen lock to prevent unintentional triggering any touch screen function. Since there is a screen lock, that means every time you pick up a remote, you need to swipe to unlock the touch screen as well, another hassle. Requiring to put the remote back to the charging station is also a hassle. Replacing a button battery on the Harmony Companion will last more than a year of usage and you don't need to worry about charging the built in battery. However, you should get this remote if you absolutely need the backlit buttons which is not on the Harmony Companion. Otherwise the Harmony Companion would be easier to use and more economical.

    • Exceeds Expetations

      from Victoria, BC on October 28, 2018

      I chose this to replace my old Harmony 900 which had provided sterling service for several years. The Ultimate Home impressed for the following reasons: 1. All the activities, devices and settings were transferred from my Logitech account to the new Harmony. All worked exactly as before. 2. The Bluetooth setup instigated from my Android phone made3 installation a breeze. The hub is positioned inside my Home Theatre equipment rack, and the two mini-blasters positioned at top and bottom of the rack. The remote unit has far fewer physical buttons than the old 900, and this makes it far easier to use. Like some of the other reviews, I question whether the play/pause/ff/rwd buttons are in the best place - would have been better below rather than above the screen (the reason I did not award 5 stars) 3. I love the vertical charging dock compared with the 900's horizontal unit which collected dust. 4. Being able to use my Android phone as an additional remote is a bonus 5. The device will handle home-automation devices that I'll add in the future. Overall, I highly recommend this device.

    • Exceeds Expectations

      from Victoria, BC on October 23, 2018

      I purchased the Ultimate Home to replace my ailing Harmony 900. Setup is a breeze using the Android app. All the settings from the 900 were transferred seamlessly and operation was perfect from the get go, I use the unit in my home theatre, so appreciate the backlight, screen and vibration feedback. The vertical charging dock is so much better than the horizontal unit for the 900. Not sure whether I like the position of the play/pause/ff/rw buttons, but early days. Overall, I'm very impressed,

    • Logitech Harmony Ultimate one

      from Vancouver, BC on October 3, 2018

      Worst remote I've owned. Very poor design with touchscreen positioned between buttons, very easy to accidentally engage touchscreen even without physically touching it. Remote often gives erroneous output, pressing pause will change the channel or some other function. Touchscreen function at times is very sensitive and other times requires a very hard tap to engage. My previous harmony 650 remotes had buttons fail to function after as little as one year, thought this remote would be an improvement but sadly causes more frustration than appreciation. This will be my last harmony remote.

    • My touch screen remote broke after 1.5 month of use

      from Vancouver, BC on September 21, 2018

      Although I didn't really use the touch screen features much and relied mostly on the buttons like play, stop, fast forward or just off to turn off the current activity. The problem is the touch screen even when not in use has a 2 or 3 day standby and the power runs out. You either keep the remote in the charging stand or remember to put it in the charging stand every 2 or 3 days. My remote was completely dead even when charged over nite after a month and a half of usage. Be weary of the touch screen remote as it is high maintenance for a remote. I managed to buy the Harmony Smart control with hub and the remote runs on a coin battery that last for one year. You do not need a remote with touch screen.

    • With CEC and ARC do you really need Harmony?

      from Vancouver, BC on August 3, 2018

      With both the latest Sony receiver STRDN1080 and Sony XBR65X900E TV, CEC and ARC has been serving me well for the last year or so with a single button click on the PS4 play button turns on both the TV and the receiver. This is the same with the Nintendo Switch by pressing the home button on the controller even Netflix on my smart TV by pressing Netflix. So why do we need Harmony today? I had used Harmony many years ago when none of my devices had CEC or ARC so when the Harmony ultimate went on sale, I decided to pick one up to see if it could be useful. It turned out that unifying my whole entertainment system under Wifi is probably the best thing since CEC and ARC. Now I can turn on my amplifier on my iPhone for Air play without searching for the remote. This is what all remotes for your entertainment system should be like; wifi controlled. However since it is not, Harmony is the next best thing to happen. My only qualms about Harmony is that it doesn't support Apple's Homekit. Although there is a hack that can make Harmony work with Apple's Homekit, I would have preferred it as something offered by Harmony. Harmony is still a great product and it is good to see that even in this day and age that a universal all in one remote is still needed; especially one that runs on the iPhone.

    • Not the best Harmony, but still worth purchase

      from New Westminster, BC on January 21, 2018

      First off I have been a Harmony customer for years, having owned an 800 and then two One's. I am sold on the premium remote without question. When I switched from my 800 to the One, I found an upgrade in the remote that made spending the money a second time easy. However in this case, I must say I find the Ultimate a step below from the One. Holding the Ultimate in your hands feels nice, however splitting the buttons between the top and bottom is were the issue comes in. With these remotes the screen is imperative to what makes it great, however the majority of actions you do, are still done with the button. I find with this remote I am constantly having to remember what is on top and bottom and having to look at the remote, as oppose to just feeling for the keys. In addition I find the screen much more sensitive then the screen on the One. When I set up the remote I notice the screen had a lock on it, which i thought was weird and quickly disabled it. Well it was not long before I re-enabled. The sensitivity made it very easy to accidentally hit the screen when handling the remote and launching actions. Clearly Logitech recognized this as an issue and instead of fixing the problem, they implemented the lock. So the lock fixes the issue, but one over sight on it is they do not put battery level on lock screen. Because I use Alexa to turn TV on and off and change channels, I rarely need the screen. The remote often dies without me knowing it is low and I have to use the phone app. If I could I would go back to my Harmony One, but it broke. Now the hub is a different story, I love this functionality. From the ability to use the app on my phone when the remote is charging, can’t be found or is on the other side of the room (hey I am lazy what can I say). Also the ability to use my echo speaker is a huge plus. Using Alexa I can turn different activities on, change channels on my Shaw box and change the volume. Note Alexa does not do it all and you still need the remote. But hey maybe that will come in the future. So in closing I would give the hub 5 stars and the remote more like 3, so I settled on 4 for the review. If you are Harmony One user, you might be let down a little by the remote changes. If you are new to Harmony, I think you will love the whole experience. So while not my favourite Harmony over the years I do recommend the purchase, or if using Alexa, maybe get the next model down.

    • Handy remote

      from Waterloo, ON on May 29, 2017

      We had been looking for a way to move our stereo & cable box (Rogers) to the attached room so that we could hide the wires. We were able to move everything and now have one little wire that needs to "see" the tv. Everything set up very easily. The only reason this gets 4 stars is that the app is very tempermental. I've uninstalled it a few times, and the device tends to lose connection, even when changing channels. Not sure why this is. I'm right next to the router, and its a new phone. All in all, very please with this purchase.

    • The best remote

      from Brampton, ON on January 28, 2017

      This is my second Harmony remote. It is quite expensive remote and lots of people won't buy it because of its price. When I first bought this remote, it came with USB cable to sync it with Harmony app on my laptop but it got changed later on. Now all the updates are over the air. I have Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. I also have Hue bulbs. All these devices sync with Harmony Ultimate Remote. It is so cool that I have programmed Harmony remote to control Hue lights with my TV activities. At night when we watch TV, main lights in the room gets dimmed and when we finish TV watching, full lights come on etc etc. Highly recommended remote because it works almost all devices.

    • It's great.

      from Lloydminster, AB on January 10, 2017

      It's a great remote. Way overkill for what I need since a don't have much in the way of home automation devices but I love that I can use my phone to control my devices too.

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