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Lenovo Smart Display 8" with Google Assistant

Model Number: Lenovo SD-8501F
Web Code: 13025091

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Enjoy the best of Google Assistant with the Lenovo Smart Display. Using this display, you can enjoy all the voice response benefits of Google Assistant, with the power to visualize what you need. Simply ask say "Hey Google" to pull up recipes, YouTube videos, the weather, your calendar, and more on your Smart Display.

  • More Information
    • 8" touchscreen display with 1280 x 800 resolution lets you watch videos, view content, and video chat with incredible image clarity
    • Built-in Google Assistant allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Google Assistant with the convenience of a display
    • Explore the options available in your area with Google Maps, follow recipes and tutorials, find out the weather anywhere in the world, and more just by asking
    • Manage over 5,000 smart home products in your home from the comfort of your couch
    • Dim the lights, adjust the temperature, or lock the front door, instantly and remotely
    • Hands-free video calling on Google Duo makes it easier than ever than ever to stay in touch with your loved ones
    • Powerful 10W full-range speaker with dual passive radiator expands the low-end bass range of your home audio, delivering clearer, more balanced sound
    • TrueBlock Privacy Shutter camera cover and microphone mute button help protect your privacy when your camera and mic are not in use
    • Rotate between portrait and landscape to select the orientation that suits your needs
    • 2 x 2 Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, 2.4G/5G, MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2, and BLE connectivity make it easy to access the internet and connect to a range of other devices like speakers, TVs, and more

  • Details & Specs
  • Type
    Smart Display
    Screen Size
    8 in
    Screen Resolution
    1280 x 800
    Camera Resolution
    5.0 MP Wide Angle; Front; 720P Video Calls
    Receiver Type
    Plug In On/Off
    Voice Assistant Built-In
    Google Assistant
    Works with Apple HomeKit
    Works with Nest
    Works with Google Assistant
    Works with Amazon Alexa
    2 x 2 WiFi 802.11 ac; 2.4G/5G; MIMO; Bluetooth 4.2; BLE
    Mounting Type
    Self Standing
    Operating environment
    Microphone Type
    2 x 2 Dual Microphone Arrays
    Soft Touch Grey
    Voice Control
    Bluetooth 4.2
    Compatible Systems
    Google Assistant


    26.31 cm
    14.22 cm
    11.12 cm
    990 g

  • Reviews
  • 3.2
    Based on 12 ratings

    • works great with the rest of my google home system

      from Kapuskasing, ON on January 9, 2019

      we purchased this to use with the nest camera as a baby monitor.... AWSOME! i strongly recommend this set up.

    • Much more than I expected!

      from Marysville, ON on January 6, 2019

      Unsure where the screen issues that others are commenting about are coming from? I purchased 4 of these units, and all perform PERFECTLY! I do with the 10" was available in Canada (US-Only at the moment), as the larger screen would be amazing in the kitchen. Search for recipes, follow cooking directions. Set timers. Set appointments, reminders, and control smart home devices such as bulbs and switches. Have had all four running for a week, and have absolutely no issues with them. Being able to "group" the displays, to have sound play in multiple areas of the house (also connects and groups with other Google Home products) is amazing! Lenovo was the first out of the gate to run these displays. JBL and Google themsevles now also have display units, with more coming from LG and Sony - and likely more! They are NOT a tablet. The are a Google Home with a screen. There is no app store, and you can not load applications to it. It runs a compact version of Android called "Android Things" - casting also works, ie: you can cast YouTube to it as a Chromecast device. One star removed only because Netflix is currently unable to cast - in fairness, it can not yet cast to ANY "Android Things" screen device. Hopefully will be added in a future firmware update.

    • Black Screen.

      from Richmond Hill, ON on January 2, 2019

      Bought this on Black Friday... Everything went well after setup and function well as intended.... About 2 weeks ago the screen would go black and nothing will wake up the screen.... I can still give command to google assistant and cast on the unit... Just the screen is black... I will have to unplug the power and plug it back it to bring the screen back up... But it will go black screen randomly.... i've tried factory reset and setup the unit again, but will go black screen.... Was planing to exchange the unit, But its all sold out... (but Bestbuy was able to Honor the sale price, when the unit becomes available)

    • Great! Excellent kitchen assistant with screen

      from Ottawa, ON on January 2, 2019

      We love it, works great and features will probably get even better.

    • Some quality issues so might just be the luck of the draw

      from Surrey, BC on December 31, 2018

      First smart display unit appeared to be working just fine but then we realized oh the touchscreen isn't working. Went through the troubleshooting tips, no go. Returned the unit and got another. This one is working flawlessly. - Ambient mode is fantastic - Having a visual for cooking is so convenient - Playing music on Google Play music with lyrics is pretty neat - screen is fairly decent - speakers are pretty good, better than the google mini so just below the regular google home All in all this unit is really great

    • Failed Screen, known manufacturing defects. BEWARE.

      from Truro, NS on December 29, 2018

      Didn't work from the first second I plugged it in, screen was black could only see some minor light bleeding from the edges. Heard the Google Assistant kick in and start talking about setup, still no display. Did a quick google search("lenovo smart display no video") and discovered in the first few results a post from the Lenovo site talking about there is a mass of these things that have the same defect, screens do not function. BUYER BEWARE. Lenovo has yet to address it officially, and only offers to "repair" the unit at your cost.

    • DOA

      from Calgary, AB on December 29, 2018

      The unit arrived within 3 days, the unit seems to be well built, has good sound for the size of the speaker but will need return it since the screen was DOA. Can't review it without a display.

    • Great device for the kitchen

      from Sherwood Park, AB on December 28, 2018

      I received one as a present and it works great for playing music from Spotify, easily hooked up to our ecobee and awesome for looking up recipes. The only downside is that as of today it does not work with Google duo for phone calls.

    • Cool - if it works

      from Edmonton, AB on December 26, 2018

      We bought 2 of these - one works, one doesn't. The one that doesn't displays nothing on the screen. Googled that and found a LOT of people having this problem! The Lenovo support site says hold down the power button for a few seconds. That lowers my confidence level a huge amount - because there IS no power button (you unplug it to turn it off). Many people said they bought multiples and one of them wouldn't work - this appears to be an extremely common problem. Not impressed. Lenovo also wants me to pay shipping charges to send it to them...not likely. And of course, Best Buy won't let me return it until next week...and they have none left in stock so this is becoming a real hassle!

    • Much cooler than expected

      from Toronto, ON on December 8, 2018

      As someone whom has only dabbled in the smart phone assistant world, I am not sure what to expect. But, after a week of usage - I must say, this smart display has exceed all expectations. - display: while it doesn't have the highest resolution, it is perfectly fine for my use case: watching some news, youtube while eating. following recipes. - sound: I've read online that the speaker isn't great. I don't know what they are comparing it against. To me, the sound is pretty good! it lacks base (like most speakers that size), but it is clear, loud and can fill the room easily. It basically sounded like a premium bluetooth speaker. If you are big on hip hop with a ton of base then this won't really work. - mic: gotta say, it picks up your voice command VERY EASILY. I can instruct the display to do things from the second floor even. and I didn't even need to raise my voice. Though occasionally when you are behind it, I find it doesn't pick up as well. but overall, it works 95% of the time. - Google home: this basically works like most other google homes with the benefit of screen. which means you can cast things to the display. HOWEVER, it does not yet display Netflix which is a huge bummer. Overall, I am very happy with it. It is definitely a great kitchen gadget and the ability to use voice while you are preparing for breakfast/cleaning up is AWESOME

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