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iRobot Roomba 980 WiFi Connected Vacuuming Robot

Model Number: 980
Web Code: 10393495

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7 Years


Enjoy cleaner floors without lifting a finger with the iRobot Roomba 980. This vacuum-cleaning robot can navigate an entire level of your home and offers 2 hours of continuous cleaning on a single charge. Download the iRobot HOME app on your iOS or Android device and remotely connect to your Roomba so you can start cleaning from anywhere.

  • More Information
  • Works around your schedule

    • Use the iRobot HOME app on your smartphone to clean, schedule, and customize cleaning preferences.
    • Schedule Roomba to vacuum up to 7 times per week so you can come home to a cleaner home every day.
    • Roomba will clean your floors for up to 120 minutes, then return to its charging base to refill its battery before resuming its work until it finishes the entire job.
    • With CleanMap reports you can see which areas the robot has cleaned, and you can also use it to turn on notifications for cleaning status updates.
    • Use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to start, stop, or dock the robot (currently only available in English).

    Cleaner surfaces, cleaner air

    • Roomba can tackle carpets, tile, hardwood floors, and laminate. It'll automatically adjust to different surfaces so you don't have to lift a finger.
    • The AeroForce Cleaning System provides up to 10x more air power, allowing the robot to loosen, lift, and suction dirt more efficiently.
    • The AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter captures and traps 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles as tiny as 10 microns so you can breathe more easily.
    • Power Boost automatically kicks up the cleaning performance on carpets.

    Efficient vacuuming

    • Brushless extractors prevent hair tangles for more effective cleaning. Roomba can pick up your pooch's shedding mane and all the other dirt around, too.
    • Spinning side brushes push dirt into the path of Roomba's 3-stage cleaning system so it can pick up anything from spilled cereal to balls of cat fur.
    • Dual Multi-Surface Brushes are tangle-free, allowing the robot to handle pet hair easily.
    • The Edge-Sweeping Brush is specially designed to sweep up dust and dirt along wall edges and corners.

    Effortless navigation

    • iAdapt 2.0 navigation with visual localization allows the robot to clean an entire level of your home.
    • Cliff Detect sensors prevent the robot from doing a header down the stairs or over a drop-off.
    • The low-profile design is only 3.6" high, which allows it to get to the dust lurking under furniture, beds, and kickboards. Those dust bunnies under the couch won't stand a chance.
    • Roomba includes a full suite of intelligent sensors, which help the robot navigate under and around furniture.
    • This Roomba was designed and created using over 25 years of robotics expertise and innovation.

  • Details & Specs
  • Vacuum Type
    Product Type
    Robotic Vacuum
    Black; Brown
    Ideal Surface Type
    All Surface Types
    Compact Size
    Wi-Fi Connectivity
    Dust Containment System


    Edge Cleaning
    Bare Floor Tool
    Recommended for Pet Owners
    Spot Cleaning
    Dust Bag
    Not Applicable
    Bag Check Indicator
    Not Applicable
    Filtration System
    High-Efficiency filter
    Head Light
    Tool Storage
    Not Applicable
    Wall Mount Rack
    Battery Runtime
    120 min
    Colour Family
    Country of Origin


    35.05 cm
    9.14 cm
    35.05 cm
    Width (Inches)
    13.8 in
    Height (Inches)
    3.6 in
    Depth (Inches)
    13.8 in
    3.95 kg

  • Reviews
  • 4.7
    Based on 842 ratings

    • Good vacuum but

      from Winnipeg, MB on April 25, 2018

      I bought this because my 🏠 seems always dusty and issues with hairs, and I don't have time to vacuum all the time with 2 small kids and backache problem. It does a very good job on hardwoord floors but not on carpets. I have a high and low pile carpets, one upstairs and one dowmstairs. But he misses some dusty spots on woods and doesn't clean very well on carpets. On my high pile carpet he doesn't go there ever, even it's on high performance. And on my low pile carpet when he goes there the high performance automatically ons but still dirty, lints and some hairs still there, even he runs couple times already on it. It is very expensive vacuum but it's saves me time and my floors always clean (except the carpets) so it's worth it.

    • all in all

      from Ohsweken, ON on April 5, 2018

      Good unit, but they have to do something about plastic latch on lid for dust bin, it broke after opening and closing lid to clean. But all in all, Lazy Susan is prompt.

    • You will not be disappointed with this iRobot Roomba 980

      from Sault Ste. Marie, ON on December 6, 2017

      My daughter purchased the Roomba 960 and when I saw it work on her hardwood floors where 2 animals existed with 2 adults, we had to have one. Purchased ours in spring 2017 from Best Buy. Pricey no doubt but since then price has come down a bit. Did my homework on all the various models and like many things there were opposing opinions even from the so called experts, but the Roomba kept coming up a winner and for good reason because it does a very good job. Many reviews detail the fact it does a good job and comments on its function being very positive and I will not repeat that here, but it rates a 5 out 5, no doubt in my mind. I will comment on a few things learned for the benefit of first time purchasers. It does a fine job but it would not be fair to compare its ability to a fine upright or canister vacumn. These robot vacuums work very well where a regular vacumning routine is maintained and how often will depend on conditions in the home like existence of animals, number of people tracking in the house and amount of dust accumulations. We do not have animals and only 2 adults, so once a week or even a little longer does the job. Initially we let our 980 attack the home as soon as we got it and it did a great job except when it went under beds with hardwood floor where dust had accumulated a bit and kind of sticks to floor. Suggest that home be given a good vacumn first with regular vacumn then a regular schedule of Roomba cleaning and it will do the job perfectly. One last word. If you have any kind of carpets, purchase the Roomba 980 as it has a 2 speed motor that engages whenever it senses carpet and if you have a 2 level home maybe get a second charging station and charger as we did. That way when and if the unit needs a recharge in the middle of the job, it can go back to the home station and recharge then complete the job, otherwise if no home station exists on that level it will return where it started and stop and wait for you to put it on the charger elsewhere. You then return it to the other level to complete. Only a suggestion.

    • Intelligent Little Robot

      from Toronto, ON on November 27, 2017

      I reviewed the feature comparison videos and decided to invest in one of these. This top-of-the-line model is VERY pricey, but it does live up the pros/cons other professional reviewers noted. PROS: - Intelligently and methodically vacuums areas (in other words, this model doesn’t randomly pick a direction to move); all areas accessible to this little robot were covered in the half-dozen full cleaning cycles observed; and it hasn’t fallen off any stairs yet. - Robot can navigate multiple rooms on a single floor without getting stuck or confused. After a half-dozen cleaning runs, the little unit consistently returns to base or its starting point. It appears to navigate using visual landmarks when going room to room. - Can also place the fully charged robot on another floor of the home to start a cleaning cycle. In other words, the robot can be used on multiple floors without any special setup. Simply place on the floor, hit the “clean” button, and let the robot do its thing. - Great app (tested on iOS), notifications, and coverage maps providing a visual of what the robot cleaned. Coverage maps are approximate (not to scale) and vary slightly from cycle to cycle, but they’re surprisingly representative of what the robot can access. - Scheduling features (via iOS app) are very helpful! We set ours to clean 3 times a week when we’re at work. - Appears to be relatively gentle with furniture (slows down when close and doesn’t bump hard), and it goes under beds and chairs, even when bed skirts are present. - Robot automatically increases vacuum power on carpets and lowers it on bare floors; it goes after edges well. CONS: - The small dust bin fills up fast on carpeted floors. After 50 minutes of vacuuming (approx. 2/3rds of our upstairs carpeted floor), the unit reports its bin is full. To be fair, we empty the dust bin of our Dyson Ball Upright vacuum after each “cleaning cycle” of the house too, so this was expected. - Very expensive for functionality achieved. - Robot at full power is a little noisy but not as loud as a full size upright. This is to be expected of any vacuum cleaner. - Battery only lasts about 50-60 minutes on carpeted floors. The unit will stop, return to base, recharge, then venture out to finish the job. A full cleaning cycle of our upstairs takes almost 3 hours (50/50 cleaning vs. recharging). Our entire carpeted basement can be finished on a single charge in 45 minutes. On tile/hardwood floors, the unit can easily cover a full floor on a single charge. - The unit will partially finish a room, go to another room to finish/explore an area, then return to finish more of the original room and edges. Although the unit does go from room to room more than necessary (in my opinion), there is methodology in the pattern used, and all accessible surface areas are covered in the end. - Robot doesn’t have the same suction/beater-bar power as the Dyson ball upright we normally use, but the floors do look clean, and the Roomba’s dust bin is full of what we’d expect to see (dust/dirt/carpet lint). - Pick-up or move anything that can get in the robot’s way (much like you would manually vacuuming). The only difference here, is you need to do this in advance, as the robot will eventually run over it. Verdict: Does a dirty job and does it well. I’m still wincing on price, but don’t regret the purchase.

    • Fantastic product

      from Laval on September 21, 2017

      I love that robot so much I decided to purchase its little siste, the Braava. It work perfectly and effeciently. Just make sure there is no cable on the floor.

    • The most amazing vacuum I ever owned.

      from Victoria, BC on September 11, 2017

      I waited many years to make a purchase of one of these robot vacuums. I checked all the reviews of all the other brands as well. One of the things I noticed that all the other reviews on Youtube etc was that the Roomba 980 consistently picked up the most most dirt no matter who was reviewing it. Ultimately this was the deciding factor that motivated my purchase. I considered the Neato Botvac connected as well but due to their poor customer service that was a no go for me. I wanna tell you this little robot has our floors looking the best they have ever been! Connected to my Android easily and love the mapping feature that tells you where it gets stuck so I can help it on not to get stuck on the next round. What I mean by that is we have dressers that are tapered down and the Roomba will try to get into every nook and cranny. On the first run it would get stuck on the lower tapered end of the dressers so we quickly blocked those problem areas off. I could not believe the amount of dirt that this thing got out of the carpet! After the first few runs it wasn't getting as much dirt so now we have it scheduled every second day. Hands down best vacuum.

    • VERY impressed

      from Ottawa, ON on June 5, 2017

      I was a little reluctant to buy the most expensive Roomba but after comparing models, the 980 is really what I was looking for. If I had to resume my thoughts in 1 word it would be "WOW!". It does all the rooms on the floor, the mapping shows me that it goes everywhere even in the land of dust bunnies under the beds (GASP!). 5 days and I have already seen a difference in my allergies. The level of "smartness" is amazing. Goes everywhere and remembers wher obstacles are and cleans as best it can all around them. I am extremely pleased with this purchase, even at full price. Although I can transport it between levels I will most likely buy a second one for the basement when they come on sale. 5 stars for this one

    • C'ara-Danielle Boucher

      from Québec, QC on May 27, 2017

      Très satisfaite, après 3e utilisation j'ai testé la propreté des plancher et l'eau ainsi que l'éponge étaient ncore très propre, donc même après 8 jours depuis le dernier passage mon Roomba 980 ramasse vraiment tout et les planchers n'ont pas à être lavés

    • Great product but noisy

      from Toronto, ON on April 14, 2017

      I purchased this Roomba 18 months ago. Overall, I'm very impressed and happy with my purchase. It REALLY cleans! Even after regular cleaning by conventional methods, when I use Roomba, it can still pick up more dust! It's a great product and makes life easy. The only downside according to me is the noise. Especially while cleaning carpets the noise level becomes really high. My 4 year old can not tolerate it and simply goes and presses the Start/Stop button to end cleaning cycle. So I prefer to schedule it to work when he's at school. The Smartphone app to control it is good too. They recently updated it to show the surface area cleaned graphically, which is impressive, but I would love to get notifications regarding when Roomba's regular maintenance like cleaning the rollers or changing the rotary brush is required. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product and definitely recommend it over all other such products in the market.

    • J attend toujours ..

      from Montreal on April 12, 2017

      Sa fait pas loin de 3 semaine que j attend mon irobot jai recu aux debut un smart lock pas de pack slip pour faire un suivi du produit a se prix la il a une difference de prix ! Alorsje suis decu du service et du suivi ..... pour temps tout compagnie devrai avoir un pack in slip pour cocher le bon produit

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