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Google Home - White/Slate

Model Number: GA3A00485A03
Web Code: 10721100

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Hi-tech assistance at your command, Google Home is here to help. Powered by Google Assistant, this voice-activated speaker responds to your voice to deliver the information you need and the music you crave. Simply called upon with "OK, Google", Google Home can even control other smart devices in your home to dim the lights or turn up the heat.

  • More Information
    • Your personal assistant in a box: Your very own voice-enabled PA helps you stay organized and keeps you up to date about your schedule, commute, flight information, grocery shopping, and much more
    • Google knows: Google Home is a calculator, dictionary, and translator all in one, and provides real time answers on the latest weather, traffic, finance, sports, and much more
    • Syncs with Chromecast: Simply tell this intelligent speaker what you want to see and it will cast your favorite flicks, videos, and shows to your TV
    • Your voice-activated jukebox: Say what you want to hear and Google Home will play tunes from built-in services like Google Play Music and Spotify, as well as more audio services casted directly from your device (compatible with Android and iOS)
    • Room-filling sound: This high excursion speaker delivers rich HiFi sound, and can be paired with other Google Home units, Chromecast Audio, or speakers with Chromecast built-in to deliver synchronous music throughout your home
    • State-of-the-art voice technology: Google Home can hear your voice from afar with its far-field microphones, and can distinguish between users to serve multiple family members
    • The heart of your smart home: Whether streaming videos to your TV with Chromecast, turning up your Nest thermostat, or dimming your Philips Hue smart bulbs, Google Home connects with and controls all compatible smart devices
    • Total control at your fingertips: A clean touch panel with LED lights lets you adjust volume, play or pause music, and more, while a mute button lets you put your voice-enabled speaker's mic on standby
    • Modular design: This clean and discreet voice-activated speaker blends seamlessly with any room's decor, and it can be customized with various coloured shells to match your own unique sense of style

  • Details & Specs
  • Max Load
    264 W
    Device Compatibility
    Android; iOS
    Voice Assistant Built-In
    Google Assistant
    Works with Nest
    Works with Google Assistant
    Works with Amazon Alexa
    Operating Voltage
    120V AC
    Wireless Technology
    Operating environment
    Microphone Type
    2 Far Field Microphones
    Grey; White
    Voice Control
    Compatible Systems
    Android; iOS


    9.65 cm
    14.27 cm
    9.65 cm
    480 g

  • Reviews
  • 4.1
    Based on 160 ratings

    • Broken microphone

      from Gatineau, QC on November 29, 2018

      After less than 2 years the microphone suddenly stopped working. When contacting customer care, they informed me there was nothing to be done, and said I could simply use it as a speaker going forward.

    • What a disappointment!

      from Toronto, ON on November 29, 2018

      What a disappointment. We have a Google Home Mini which we sort of liked and thought to replace it with a Google Home. Audio quality and audio control are MAJOR problems for this device. First, the bass is cranked up so high it sounds bad and the bass and treble controls hardly improve it even when set to their respective minimum and maximum. Second, the volume controls give you the option of off, loud really loud, extremely loud and painful. This is not something you'd use if you have (a) people sleeping somewhere in the house or (b) conversations. In fact, a bar is about the only place you'd want to have this device. It's too loud for basic use in a home. And, 'night mode' does nothing to limit the volume. I've set the volume limit to quite a low level (30%) yet the Google Home will still happily crank the volume right up to MAX. All in all this was a MAJOR disappointment. People have been requesting a volume limiter for over two years and they still have failed to implement it. That tells you how much R&D Google is putting into their not-so-smart speaker.

    • Amazing!

      from Brampton, ON on November 23, 2018

      Without looking at computer/mobile/tablet screens, I get most info out of this little device. Really impressed & happy to have it. :)

    • great, but...

      from Guelph, ON on November 19, 2018

      love the google voice assistant. the speaker is good at a medium listening volume. not much bass to it, but that is to be expected considering its size. blends in well with most furniture, dont see too often

    • Google home

      from Calgary, AB on November 9, 2018

      So far I’m very happy with my google home I have had one before and liked it very much

    • Google home is going deaf.

      from Oakville, ON on September 1, 2018

      I've had my Google home for a year and have been quite happy with it until about 3 months age when it started to go deaf. I've worked with Google a couple of times and they had me try a number of things to no avail. Trying to decide whether to by a new one or go to the competitors. .

    • Great Product! Improved Significantly Since It's Initial Release

      from Oshawa, ON on August 18, 2018

      Had this device for well over a year, along with Alexa. I have since disconnected Alexa, and solely using the Google Home ecosystem as it is a much more reliable and easy to talk to. It accurately answers almost any question you can think to ask it. It's loaded with cool features that allow it to make calls, make reservations, sync with your calendar, control your smart home, help out in the kitchen, control your TV, and more. The smart-home controls work well, and the Google Home responds more flexibly to language verses Alexa, where you would have to ask it a specific request to get the desired outcome. Overall the Google Home is a great product and I would highly recommend to those looking to control their smart home, or looking to have an assitant capable of helping with smaller tasks such as setting reminders, getting the weather, making reservations, and playing your music. The possibilities are quite endless with Google Home, and keep expanding every month.

    • Pretty meh

      from Calgary, AB on July 17, 2018

      Got this as a gift but I was thinking about it. It's not like its horrible or broken... It just does so little and I really can't see, in hindsight, why I would have bought it had it not been gifted to me. My biggest peeve is the lack of integration with their own products. I have a Chromecast and a Chomecast Audio - ghreat handy devices, They are hooked up to my TV and stereo system. If I say "OK Google play music" it puts it through the google home speaker. You'd think it would connect to my Chromecast audio right? Play through my great sound system? ... Nope it uses the meh Google Home speaker. "OK Google play Netflix" - Buzzzz, wrong answer nothing. It can't do that. Should it use the app on my phone and have it cast to my Chromecast... you bet it should. It doesn't. Yet, and this just made me facepalm so hard, I asked my phone how to spell a word as I was writing an email - and instead of showing it to me on my phone where I was at and the thing I asked - My phone finds the damn home speaker (yes the delay that causes is free "feature") and I hear a distant voice in the other room spelling a word I cant hear. Lastly - The thing doesn't have any outputs... I thought - no way... it has to have a AUX out so you are not forced to use the tiny included speaker for everything... nope. I even went back to double check, I was thorough the 1st time, but it was so hard for me to believe it would not have a AUX out I began thinking I MUST have missed it. Nope. BUT it CAN tell you the weather if you ask... so if you are not able to use a 1000 other devices including your eyes for weather... this here expensive mediocre speaker is the thing for you.

    • I'm impressed!

      from Hamilton, ON on July 4, 2018

      I bought this while on sale for my ex-wife and she absolutely loves it! I got to play around with it, asking questions and requesting songs. I think it's a cool item to have around the (her) house. The sound quality is amazing for the size of the speaker. Regardless of the price, I highly recommend this device to anyone.

    • Loved it..

      from Richmond, BC on May 14, 2018

      I have my google home for awhile now, so far I have no problem. I love the sounds for a small device yet sound is amazing except I have limited request of songs due to I’m not Spotify subscriber but at least I still can listen to music for free. I’ll give it, 4 stars. I bought another for my best friend’s bday present as she want it. My sister has one too.

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