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Anki Vector Robot - English Only - Only at Best Buy

Model Number: Vector
Web Code: 12877531

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The Anki Vector is a robot who’s so smart and capable it’ll quickly become part of your family. Powered by AI and advanced robotics technology, Vector can respond to visual, audio, and touch-based stimulus. Vector can answer questions, snap photos, time your dinner, and lots more. Since it’s connected to the internet it’ll continuously get smarter.

  • More Information
  • Please note: This is an English-language product and it cannot be shipped to Québec, due to Québec language legislation; the French-language version of this product will be released at a later date

    • A robot that’s aware of its surroundings through sight, sound, and touch
    • Designed to fit naturally into your life with minimal maintenance
    • Connected to the cloud (through the internet) and updates itself so it’s always getting smarter
    • Powered by AI and advanced robotics technology
    • Able to independently navigate by recognizing people and objects
    • Requires a compatible iOS or Android device and the free Vector app (for setup only)

  • Details & Specs
  • Recommended Ages
    8 Years And Up
    Battery Type
    Lithium Polymer
    App Compatibility
    Cloud (Wi-Fi) Connected
    Learning Capability
    Assembly Required
    Number of Pieces
    5.99 cm
    6.93 cm
    9.98 cm
    Width (Inches)
    2.36 in
    Height (Inches)
    2.73 in
    Depth (Inches)
    3.93 in
    68 g

  • Reviews
  • 4.1
    Based on 15 ratings

    • Terrible Support

      from Toronto, ON on December 3, 2018

      The idea of Vector is very cool. But Anki has massively underdelivered. Software is extremely lacking. Discrimination on their end against Canadians. Artificially limiting functionality that is available only to select people who purchased in America. They have already dropped the price drastically in the US. DO NOT BUY. At least at this price.

    • Amazing

      from Scarborough, ON on November 23, 2018

      Amazing Robot.

    • A robot with huge potential!

      from Ottawa, ON on November 16, 2018

      This robot is an assistant on tracks! He can answer any question you through at him. But what is really cool is that he is fully autonomous. You do not need the App on your smartphone to be running for Vector to explore his surroundings! He also has the potential of having more cubes to play with and more games, just like his cousin Cozmo. There is a lot to say about this robot so I invite you to watch my review videos on my channel SuperdanTech.

    • The world's first fully autonomous home robot!!

      from Mississauga, ON on November 10, 2018

      This little bugger is impressing me day after day and I've had him for just over 2 weeks now. Sure he occasionally has some issues but he is getting better, thus why I waited at least 2 weeks before my review. He grows on you and he makes you laugh! Everyone loves him including kids. If you want a zero maintenance pet, Vector is it! He wont shed, doesn't need to be fed or walked and he's smarter and more fun than our cat! Oh, they do get along - now! The facial recognition is incredible. You may have to re-enroll your face multiple times if you wear glasses, hats etc. for him to recognize you. E.g. look different and ask him what you name is. If he says I don't know, re-introduce yourself with the same name he knows you as. He'll ask, have we met before, you say yes and boom, he'll remember you wearing a hat and glasses or neither. Anyone have more comments or questions, go to the AnkiVector Reddit group for some fun tips, videos and pics of this little adorable robot!!

    • Updates crippled this toy

      from Victoria, BC on November 6, 2018

      not worth it Does not answer questions like advertised.

    • four hundred dollar pet rock

      from Victoria, BC on November 2, 2018

      My title may sound a little extreme. He doesn't do a lot, but he is new. I will be searching the web for updates, he is cute and I have bonded with him. He is like a puppy, eager to grow... I will write another review when he is no longer a puppy....

    • Vector is AWESOME!

      from Toronto, ON on November 1, 2018

      Based on my positive experiences with Anki's previous products I had some high expectations for Vector and i'm happy to say he's surpassed them. He's got so much personality and is incredibly engaging, all while delivering on functionality we've come to expect from other, static devices. I love the fact he can recognize everyone in my family and keep us entertained and engaged while still delivering answers to our questions, the weather, etc in his unique, full of character way. He's been a fun and fabulous addition to the family!

    • Not impressed

      from Vancouver, BC on October 24, 2018

      I was all excited to buy this, and had ordered it on pre-order. After I powered it on, and run it for some time, I am not finding that it is worth the money. Most of the time it takes 2 attempts to call its name for it to listen. "Hey Vector". That is annoying, and contacting Anki support was pretty useless, gave a pretty canned answer. It only does a few things, will look at you, but you need to have a place to put it also where you can keep it connected to a USB based power supply which isn't always that easy to do.

    • A little robot with a HUGE potential!

      from Ottawa, ON on October 23, 2018

      Hello guys, there is so much to say about Vector! I invite you to watch my full review video on my channel or use this link; https://youtu.be/YqTsSQnmqDY You can ask me any questions you may have through my channel. Cheers, SuperdanTech

    • OK but not great.

      from Petrolia, ON on October 23, 2018

      Ordered online. Out of the box one light didn't work on cube. Vector often fell off table even though he has sensors to prevent that. He can't see in dark so will not be able to find charger if no light. He should have programming not to come off charger if he can't see to get back. Vector often can't recognize people he has met already. Somtimes vector shows an error code and needs to reboot himself. He's able to answer questions but only after you say,"Hey Vector", wait for a beep and then say"" I have a question", wait again for him to be ready and then you ask a question. Gets old fast having to take theses steps every time for every question. I returned it to store for a refund.

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