Marketplace Returns

Where can I find the seller's return policies?

There are 2 places you can find a Marketplace seller's return policy:

  1. On the product page for a Marketplace product, you can see a "Return policy" link just to the right of the price. This link provides all the information on that seller's return policy.marketplace-seller-return-policy.jpg
  2. If you've already placed a Marketplace order, you can access the seller's return policy on both the Order Details page or through your Shipped Order confirmation email.

How do I return a Marketplace order?

To request a return please contact the seller directly from your Order Details page and provide the following information:

  • Web ID (8-digit number) & product description
  • Number of items to be returned
  • Date product was received by customer
  • Condition of product
  • Condition of packaging
  • Reason for return

In the return package, please make sure to include:

  • Return Authorization (RA) number supplied by the seller
  • Original packaging
  • Any product accessories
  • Manuals/warranty cards

Can Marketplace orders be returned to Best Buy stores?

  • No, at this time, Best Buy Marketplace items cannot be returned to Best Buy stores.